Cybersecurity Risk Management

The goal of Risk Management is to maximize the output of the organization in terms of services, products, revenue, etc., while minimizing the chance for unexpected outcomes. There is a process, a framework, that should be followed for risk management that is comprehensive, starting not with the threats but with the company’s assets, looking not just inside the walls of the company but to external connections too. This talk will briefly review the risk management concepts and then discuss the NIST Cyber Security Risk Management Framework and the associated NIST Special Publications.

Dr. Linda Wilbanks, PMP, CISM

Dr. Wilbanks started her career as an educator, teaching math and computer science and concluded at the College level after 20 years. She moved to a position at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) to manage software quality development and research. Dr. Wilbanks developed metrics for software quality and designed the risk management training program for program for NASA. Dr. Wilbanks served as the CIO at GSCF. She then accepted the CIO of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), responsible for all IT and cyber security at 6 facilities. Dr. Wilbanks then accepted the CIO position the Naval Criminal Investigative Service where she led the team of other DoD law enforcement CIOs in building the new shared building with multiple classified networks and data center. To become more involved in cyber security, Dr. Wilbanks accepted the Chief Information Security Officer position at Federal Student Aid within the Department of Education. She later was asked to develop a new Cyber Risk Management program that was shared with the Department. After retiring from federal service, Dr. Wilbanks accepted a full time teaching position at Towson University, MD where she teaches Cyber Security and a course she developed, Cyber Security Risk Management.

Dr. Wilbanks has served on many Industrial, Conference and IEEE Editorial boards and has numerous publications under Linda H. Rosenberg then Linda r. Wilbanks.

Dr. Wilbanks has a Bachelors in Mathematics and Secondary Education from Towson University, a Masters on Engineering Science from Loyola University, and a Doctorate in Computer Science from University of Maryland, Baltimore.